Coaching and Lectures

We at SABU-Consult are happy to share our know-how with our clients. We communicate our field-tested methods and instruments through an ideal mixture of theoretical coherences and practical implementation by using examples. Subsequently we will reflect on the implementation, in order to guarantee maximum learning success.


We offer our clients specially designed seminars that deal with the topics financing, project management and business strategy. The seminars offer a well-balanced mixture of theoretical knowledge, practical application and deepening reflection.


Individual topics may be dealt with in-depth during half-day or all-day workshops. Workshops will be held as open discussion forums, theory lectures or discussions of a practical example, always depending on the requirement.

Inhouse Trainings

Individual inhouse trainings are the ideal solution to train the company staff. The inhouse training will be specially developed to fit the client’s requirements. Furthermore, concrete examples from the client’s experience will be discussed as cases of application.

Potential analysis

Inhouse trainings and workshops will be accompanied by potential analysis. An accurate identification of the staff’s strengths and weaknesses helps to realize competences, to amplify strengths and to reduce weak points.